About Us

The advent of Information Technology has shrunk the World as we know it. Technology has

revolutionized the way we live and interact with one another. What was unreachable is now

reachable. What was impossible is now possible. Our entire way of life is shaped and

influenced by technology.

Despite all these advances, there are many who do not benefit in the way they should. We at

Rajzi Resources PLT (RAJZI), see the World as an unchartered blue ocean. Our Mission is to

forge the World closer in the areas of Business, Tourism and Health & Wellness by opening

up new frontiers in these areas

In Business, RAJZI through our Online Business Page www.rajzi. com brings together buyer

and seller together wherever they are. We endeavor to help small and medium enterprises to

bring their products or services to people around the Globe with affordable pricing and

quality directly to people wherever they are. It is our aim to help such enterprises to reach

markets they haven’t reached before and for consumers to experience goods and services they

would normally not have the opportunity to experience it.

RAJZI also endeavors to complement China’s One Belt One Road initiative by linking the

Middle East with China via Penang, Malaysia through Tourism and Medical Tourism. We

seek to bring people from the Middle East to the Far East and vice versa to experience what

each diverse region has to offer in terms of as a holiday destination as well as a medical

destination. We endeavor to avail such an experience at an affordable price for people from

these regions and beyond who would normally be overlooked to enjoy such an experience

due to connectivity issues, lack of information and cost.

RAJZI is able to overcome this problem with our regional tourism partners.

Health and Wellness are important components in nation building. We at RAJZI strive to

ensure that people the World over not only get good Health and Wellness available to them

but also ensuring that it is reachable and affordable as well. We provide holistic healthcare

with emphasis on Wellness and Healing to support the body’s innate healing ability to

achieve Wellness. This holistic approach will be an integration of philosophy, knowledge and

practices of various medical systems from all over the world; a combination of the western

conventional approach , Functional Medicine with the best of the Eastern Complementary

and Alternative Medicine which provides what Conventional or Mainstream Medicine does

not venture into.