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John Ng, a Graduate Gemologist, was born to a family of jewellers. Even at a very young age, he had shown his keen interest in the world of gems & jewelry, and was never tired of watching his father and uncle working on superbly hand-crafted jewelry. John eventually found his niche in gemology and his experience in gems & jewelry include being a staff member of a prestigous gemological laboratory in New York City. Later, he became the manager of a jewelry retail outlet and is now currently operating a gem-testing laboratory.


Joyce is a passionate self-taught artist who indulges in recreating on canvas diverse images of wildlife, flora and fauna.

Born in Penang in 1960, Joyce Sivapatham is a
self-taught professional artist since 2003. Prior to
that, she had been painting in her leisure time on a
smaller scale before embarking on a full-time career.

Joyce is both, versatile and flexible in her approach
to Art, painting anything from landscapes to
still-life to portraits and abstracts and even

She has a soft spot for animals and one of her passion
as an artist is to paint and capture on canvas the
world’s most endangered species before they are
threatened into extinction.

In 2004, she participated in the annual Pesta Pulau
Pinang exhibition in Dewan Sri Pinang Gallery.

Then in 2005, Joyce held her first solo exhibition on
Wildlife and Nature with Friends of the Penang Botanic
Gardens and Malaysian Nature Society in conjunction
with World Environment Day.

Joyce strongly believes that her passion and love for
nature is what breathes life and meaning to her